The world is full of appliances with ‘smart technologies’. But if those technologies don’t help improve your day-to-day life, they are not that smart. Samsung appliances are not just designed around the latest technologies, they are designed around you because they know that home is your making. And as we are all unique, they know that no two homes are the same. Samsung products are designed with four core values in mind: innovation, flexibility, design and reliability. 



With our expert team of interior designers at your back, you can be sure your kitchen will be stylish, convenient and right for you.


Introducing new Sansumg Built-in Kitchen Appliances. Samsung, 2018 Winner of Which? Award for Large Home Appliances Brand of the Year. 

Pyrolytic Cleaning

Keep the inside of your oven neat and clean without wasting time and effort scrubbing or using costly cleaning products. A Pyrolytic Cleaning* system heats the cavity to burn off any grease and residue left from cooking. Everywhere is left completely spotless with only a few ashes to wipe away.

* NV75N5671RS model only.

Guide Lighting Control

Enjoy a much simpler and more intuitive way to cook with the Guide Lighting Control. This digital dashboard lights each step on your path to a delicious meal. You can control temperature and time settings by zone, program recipes, select cooking functions and set cleaning options easily.

“Functionality never looked so beautiful. Throughout the project, no challenge was too great or detail too small for Tilbrook Interiors. We could never have achieved such a great result without Tilbrook’s expertise and guidance. We are proud to show it off to our friends and family.”

Bill and Jane - Balderton, Nottinghamshire

“Tilbrook Interiors designed 3 fantastic bathrooms for us with ideas on heating and lighting as well as bespoke fixtures and fittings. They are state of the art as well as practical and functional.”

Lucy - Newark on Trent

“Tilbrook Interiors ingenious design enabled us to divide the existing bathroom in two, adding a large shower cubicle. The modern design complemented our lifestyle and will make life easier for us in retirement. Tilbrook Interiors provided excellent value for money.”

Roger and Janet - Sutton on Trent


Cooker Hoods